SHIMADZU - Analytical Balances (ATY224R)
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SHIMADZU - Analytical Balances (ATY224R)

Brand: Shimadzu - Japan
Model: ATY224R

Product Descriptions:

High Accuracy Sample Measurements from Exceptional Readability
- Capable of discerning sample mass variation through a 0.1 mg readability and introducing user-oriented and versatile weighing, the ATY224R Analytical Balance from Shimadzu is suitable for standard and sample preparations.

Unequalled Repeatability for Dependable Measurement Values
- The Shimadzu ATY224 balance renders identical measurement values even with multi user managing the unit thanks to its 0.1 mg repeatability. Offering this kind of reproducibility while at the same time following similar weighing conditions, the Shimadzu ATY224 makes way for trouble-free sample measurement analysis because it saves time especially when documenting measurement values.

Revolutionary Weighing from Laboratory to Field
- Weigh substances ranging from solids to liquids, tissues and more with the Shimadzu ATY224 equipped with a 91 mm pan, capable of supporting a max capacity of 220g. Securing weighing accuracy and precision is not a problem with the model's external calibration feature, allowing manual calibration weights using approved calibration weights. This option makes it more economical compared to self-calibrating balances. 

Noteworthy Features for Better Weighing 

Alpha Numeric LCD
- Designed with a bright Alpha Numeric LCD, the Shimadzu ATY224 permits users to check and read measurements from any angle, with all lighting conditions considered. 

Greater Efficiency Right at Your Hand
- Rack up faster weighing results for amplified lab workflows through the ATY224 Analytical Balance from Shimadzu with 3 seconds stabilization time. You can instantly send acquired record to devices as the balance is geared with RS-232 and USB interfaces and ports.

Product Features:
  1.  Easy Settings Enable Responsiveness and Stability to be Freely Changed 
    Responsiveness becomes very important when weighing fixed amounts of powders and liquids. On the other hand, stability is required when weighing substances in environments subject to drafts or vibrations. The AT-R balances are equipped with a 5-stage indicator. It is easy to switch between a response focus (R) and a stability focus (S) during measurements.
  2. Equipped with Two Interfaces: USB and RS232C
    The balances are equipped as standard with two convenient interfaces for connection with a computer or PLC (programmable logic controller). Human error can be prevented by direct transfer of weight values to the computer.
    The balances have been shown to operate with the following PLCs from major companies.
    - Mitsubishi Electric Q Series
    - OMRON CJ2 Series
    - Keyence KV-800
    - IDEC FC6A Series
  3. Addition of an Ionizer Increases Measurement Reliability
    The optional STABLO™-AP ionizer (static remover) quickly removes static from samples and containers, without creating a draft. This prevents reproducibility errors and flunctuations in measurement values due to static electricity. The static elimination can be enhanced by placing flasks in the AP Holder (sold separately).

AT-R Series Specifications:

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