NAGANO KEIKI - Process Industrial Pressure Gauge
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NAGANO KEIKI - Process Industrial Pressure Gauge

Brand: Nagano Keiki

Product Descriptions:

The bourdon tube pressure gauge is offered and made in accordance with JIS B 7505-1: 2015. The gauge is easy to handle with its structured simplicity with elastic measuring element (bourdon tube) into a deflection caused by applied pressure change transmitted to a rotary geared movement carrying pointer. It is applicable to variety of applications offering wide varieties of pressure ranges.

Product Features:
  • Can be used under rain, frost, etc. conditions by adoption of sealed case. (JIS C 09220 IP43 equivalent)
  • Verification standard inspection mark (Type Approval) can be attached (Depending on size, precision and pressure range).
  • Available in many standard pressure ranges and can accomodate demand for use with corrosive media.
* To maximize performance, select full scale pressure range operating pressure range which comes to conditions below:

For constant pressure:
The maximum operating pressure should not exceed three-quarters of the full-scale range

For fluctuating pressure:
The maximum operating pressure should not exceed two-thirds of the full-scale range

Select proper wetted parts compatible with process fluid (gas and liquid) which the gauge will be subjected.
Please refer to JIS B 7505-1 for details
* Please select ''Use no oil'' to use gauge on oxygen service.
* Please select ''Use no oil'' and ''Corrosion-proof'' type to use gauge on acetylene service.

Technical Specifications:

Fluid: Gas, Liquid

Case construction:
Seal type ;
Sealed construction which is equivalent to JIS C 0920 ;
IP43 but not sealed completely.

Wetted parts material:
Wetted parts generally consist of bourdon tube and socket
These parts are exposed to or in direct contact with the medium under pressure (Gas, Liquid)

Purpose Connecting Part Bourdon Tube
General use C3604*
C6872 or SUS316
(Varies depending on required pressure range and additional specon performance.)
Ammonia use  
Corrosion-proof use
     * BA10 (Φ60) only

Pressure range:
0 to 40 kPa --> 0 to 100 MPa
-0.1 to 0 MPa --> -0.1 to 2.5 MPa

JIS1.6 (JIS accuracy class)
Upon request, JIS 1.0 product can be manufactured.
(JIS 1.0 is available for gauge requiring 1 MPa or higher pressure range with nominal size of 
Φ100, Φ150.) 

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