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Machine Introduction:
This instrument is design for purpose to measure the folding fatigue strength of paper, paperboard and other sheet materials (copper foil in electronic industry, etc.) with the thickness of less than 1mm. It is designed according to the international MIT folding principle.  It is an ideal test equipment for the industries and departments of papermaking, packaging, scientific research and product quality supervision and inspection.
Technical features:
  • Full computer control technology open structure, high automation program, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable.
  • Automatic measurement, intelligent judgment function;
  • Automatic measurement, statistics, printing test results, and has the function of data saving;
  • It can convert the double fold times and the corresponding logarithm (folding endurance) of a single sample,
  • It can also count the experimental data of multiple samples in the same group, and can count the maximum, minimum, average and coefficient of variation of the same group of samples.
  • These data are stored in the microcomputer and displayed on the display screen.
International standard:
ISO 5626GB/T 2679.5QB/T 1049

Technical data:
Power source                                         : AC220±10%, 50Hz, 2A
Measuring range                                   : 0 ~ 99999 times.
Folding Angle                                        : 135±2°,
Folding speed                                        : 175±10 times /min.
Folding head width                               : 19±1mm
Fold radius                                             : 0.38±0.02mm.
Spring tension                                       : 4.91 ~ 14.72N, each 9.81N tension, spring
                                                                  compression at least 17mm.
The gap distance of the folding           : 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00mm.
The tension change caused by the      : 0.343N.
eccentric rotation of the folding
chuck is not greater than                    
Environmental conditions                    : Temperature 20 ~ 40,
                                                                  Relative humidity <85%
Dimensions (L x W X H)                        :  330 X 250 X 400mm
Weight                                                    : 37 kg

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