AZ Hygro-Thermometer Desktop Temperature or Humidity Monitor
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AZ Hygro-Thermometer Desktop Temperature or Humidity Monitor
Brand : Az Instruments
Model : 87791 & 87792

Product Description
Simultaneously display temperature and humidity, Easy-to-read super big lcd display , Check humidity condense conditions through dew point, Programable danger zone for warning purpose, Design with capacitance type rh sensor to get accurate, And quick reading, Temperature unit oc/of switchable, Max/min function to review data, Battery low indicator, Real time display (hour & minute, am/pm), Desktop and wall mount for long time monitor, Audible beeper and bright red led for danger zone, Warning, Long battery life. One year via alkaline battery.
  • Simultaneously display temperature and humidity
  • Quick vapor condensation risk through DP temperature
  • Easy to read super big LCD display
  • Programmable danger zone for warning purpose
  • Design with capacitance type RH% sensor to get accurate and quick reading
  • Temperature unit C/F switchable
  • Max / Min function to review data
  • Low battery indicator
  • Real time display (Hour & Minute, AM/PM)
  • Desktop and wall mount for long time monitor
  • Audible beeper and bright red LED for danger zone warning
  • Long battery life, around one year via alkaline battery
Model 87791 87792
Temperature Range 0~50 0~50
Temperature Resolution 0.1, 0.1H 0.1, 0.1H
Temperature Accuracy ±1 ±1
Temperature Display -10.0~70.0 -10.0~70.0
Humidity Range 20~90% RH 20~90% RH
Humidity Resolution 0.1% RH 0.1% RH
Humidity Accuracy ±5%RH (at 25 10~90%RH,
others ±7%RH)
±5%RH (at 25. 10~90%RH, others ±7%RH)
Humidity Display 0%~99.9% RH 0~99.9% RH
Dew Point Temperature Range -20~70 N/A
External temp. Range N/A -10~70 (Display: -30~70)
External temp. Resolution N/A 0.1, 0.1H
External temp. Accuracy N/A ±0.6(0~50), ±1.2(-10~0, 50~70),
No Specified for -30~70
External Probe Size N/A Dia 4 mm* Length:25 mm
External Probe Cable N/A 2M long, Material: PVC
Beeper (dB) ~65dB
RH% Self Calibration Yes, Via slat chamber
Power Consumption 0.11 mA
LCD Size 70(L) * 63(W) mm
Operating Temperature 0~50
Operating RH% Humidity 90%
Storage Temperature -10~50
Storage RH% Humidity 90%
Meter Size 110(L) * 91(W) * 30(H) mm
Weight ~200g
Battery AA*3PCS
Standard Package Meter, Manual, Paper Box

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