NOVOTEST - EMAT Thickness Gauge
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NOVOTEST - EMAT Thickness Gauge
Brand : Novotest 
Model : UT-3M-EMA

Product Description:
EMAT Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST UT-3M-EMA is a new development of the NOVOTEST company, which will allow our users to solve not only the standard tasks of testing the thickness of metal products, but also to carry out tests in cases where traditional methods, such as piezo-ultrasonic, laser-optical, X-ray, mechanical, etc. – not applicable.
Electromagnetic-acoustic (EMA) technology for measuring thickness is based on the excitation of ultrasonic waves in the material by the generator of the device’s probe, and fixing the path time of ultrasonic waves in the material.
  • Through coating (oxidized, oily, dusty) testing, up to 6mm layer
  • Contactless measurement, air gap up to 6mm
  • High temperature probe, -40 - +600°C
  • High productivity, up to 10 m/s speed
  • Thickness measurement from 0.5mm
  • No need adjusting or calibrating
  • No surface preparation
  • No couplant
  • A-scan, B-scan
  • Unique automatic measurement mode (for unskilled users)
  • Additional modes : PEAK-PEAK, FRONT, ECHO-ECHO (for advanced users)
  • Various probes for different measurement ranges
  • PC connection and software
  • Large brightness LCD display
  • Compact aluminium housing with rubber protective strips
  • Water and dust resistant body up to IP 65
  • Optional high-capacity lithium-ion battery, operation time up to 30 hours
  • Charging from 5V USB charger, PC, power bank
  • The most competitive EMAT thickness gauge with the lowest price on the global market.
Type Description
Measuring thicknesses range for steel, mm 0.5…200.0
Unit Type mm
Resolution, mm 0,01
Type of ultrasonic wave transverse
Manual gain range, dB 100
Ultrasound velocity adjustment range, m/s 1000-9999
Frequency averaging signal 1-128
Operating modes A-scan
Control mode
Calibration mode
Measurement methods Autocorrelation function (ACF)
Echo Echo (Dual Echo)
Peak peak
Display 3.5 inch 320 * 480
Menu Language Russian, English
Standard ASTM E797
ISO 16809:2017
EN 14127
Weight of the electronic unit, not more, kg 0.5
Dimensions (L x W x H) 165x90x50mm
Power Supply Built-in Li-ion Battery
Time of continuous work, not less than, h 8
Operating temperature range for the electronic unit, ° C -20 to +50

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