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NKS - CB15 Pressure Switch
Brand : Nagano Keiki
Model : CB15


Product Description
This pressure switch is suitable for direct control of field equipment by designing and manufacturing with a focus on durability and reliability.
It has a stable switching by snap actions of the microswitch.


External adjustment of set value and dead band can easily be performed.
The dead band can be selected either adjustable or fixed according to use.
The setting scale is without divisions as standard or with divisions optionally.
Item Description
Fluid Gas or Liquid (No freezing)
Operating environment Places where there are no inflammable liquids or gases
which may cause ignition or explosion under normal conditions.
Mounting Panel mounting
Connection G3/8B, G1/2B, R3/8, R1/2, 3/8NPT, 1/2NPT
Please contact us about connection without the description.
Wetted parts material General use     Corrosion-proof use
Bellows: C5212R         Bellows: SUS316L
Tank, socket: C3771    Tank, socket: SCS14
Available up to 5MPa range.
Pressure range 0.01 to 0.1 → 1 to 10 MPa
Proof pressure 0.15 to 15 MPa (Depends on the pressure range.)
Operating temperature -5 to 40
Accuracy ±1max.P., two contact (simultaneous operation): ±1max.P.
Setting accuracy (Option) ±3max.P. (Setting scale divisions type)
Dead band Specification 2 references.
Switch Micro switch
Quantity of switch One contact (General use, DC use) or two contacts (simultaneous operation)
Setting system External adjustment type, with setting lock (The set adjustment axis is locked at the set value specification.)
Outlet for electric wire Conduit type: G3/4 female (Standard), Others Gland: JIS 20b (Standard), Others
Case material, finishing Aluminium alloy die casting (ADC12), Gray crystal paint
Case structure Drip-proof type (Equivalent to IP43)
Weight Approx. 1.2 kg

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