WIKA 每 Digital Pressure Gauge DG-10
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WIKA – Digital Pressure Gauge
Brand: Wika
Model: DG-10
  • Machine building
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Service tasks
Special Features:
  • Measuring ranges from 0 ... 5 to 0 ... 600 bar
  • Accuracy 0.5 % ± 1 digit
  • Battery operation (2 x 1.5 V AA cell)
  • Option: Rotatable instrument head, backlighting
Digital pressure gauge with robust, precise indicator:
The robust stainless steel case and the battery power enable a flexible operation of the pressure gauge model DG-10 in various applications and industries. For a precise and quick on-site reading of a pressure value, a digital indicator is the ideal solution. The bargraph display and drag pointer function integrated into the display, as well as retrievable Min/Max peak values, enable effective analysis of the measuring point.

Customised installation:
Through its rotatable case, the digital pressure gauge model DG-10-E can be easily adapted to local conditions. The backlighting also provides easy readability of the display in poor lighting conditions.
Additional programming functions of the pressure gauge model DG-10 are: Automatic power-off, tare function and password protection. There is unit switching between the units bar, psi and MPa already integrated into the standard model DG-10-S.

Proven sensor technology:
For decades, sensors manufactured by WIKA have guaranteed high accuracy, long-term stability and repeatability in industrial pressure measurement. Depending on the measuring range, the most appropriate sensor technology is used (metal thin-film or ceramic).
Technical Information:
Specifications according to data sheet PE 81.66
Power supply   2 x 1.5 V round cell AA
Accuracy of reading     +/- 0.5 % of span +/- 1 digit
Case    stainless steel
Ingress protection        IP 65
Nominal size    080 mm
Digital Indicator:

  Model DG-10-S Model DG-10-E
Type of indication 7-segment LCD 7-segment LCD
14-segment LCD (option)
Digits 4-digit 4 ½-digit
Character size 11 mm 11 mm and 7 mm
Indication range -1999 ... 9999 -1999 ... 19999
Update 200 ms 200 ms
Backlighting no yes (see “attached catalog”)
Bar graph with drag pointer function yes yes
Rotatability no 300° (see “attached catalog”)

Standard Article
Measuring Range Standard Model Enhanced Model
0...5 bar gauge 12784801 13094263
0...10 bar gauge 12693562 12915832
0...20 bar gauge 12784789 12830969
0...50 bar gauge 12690474 12938310
0...100 bar gauge 12731936 13263341
0...160 bar gauge 12724786 14037011
0...250 bar gauge 12728234 12851206
0...400 bar gauge 12728137 12989992
0...600 bar gauge 12763323 12861538
0...700 bar gauge 14360069 14371888

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