ASTM D3420 Impact Tester Falling Weight Impact Tester PIT-01
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ASTM D3420 impact tester Falling Weight Impact Tester
Model: PIT-01

Detailed Product Description
ASTM D3420 impact tester measures the energy to burst and penetrate the center of a specimen, which is determined by loss in mechanical work capacity due to the expenditure of kinetic energy by a pendulum.
The pendulum impact test gives a quantitative measurement of impact resistance properties of the pendulum of films, sheets, composites, foils, paper and other materials.
ASTM D3420 impact tester has below features

  • PLC control and HMI touch screen operation
  • Pneumatic specimen clamping and pendulum automatic release
  • Data auto statistics, storage
  • Precious angle measurement
  • Support customized Micro printer
  • RS232 port and software (Optional)

  • Impact Energy 1 J, 2 J, 3 J (could be modified)
  • Resolution 0.001 J
  • Impact Head Size งถ25.4 mm, งถ19 mm, งถ12.7 mm (Customization available)
  • Specimen Clamp Diameter งถ89 mm, งถ60 mm
  • Specimen Size 100 mm x 100 mm or งถ100 mm
  • Gas Supply Pressure 0.6 MPa
  • Port Size งถ6 mm
  • Power Supply AC 110~220V 50/60 Hz

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