TOPTECH 每 PLATO - HA SERIES 每 Automatic Grinder & Polisher (FS-C & FRS-C)
TOPTECH 每 PLATO - HA SERIES 每 Automatic Grinder & Polisher (FS-C & FRS-C) Metallography Melaka, Malaysia, Ayer Keroh Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Carlssoon Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
TOPTECH – PLATO - HA SERIES – Automatic Grinder & Polisher
Brand: TopTech
Model: FS-C & FRS-C

Model No. FS-C FRS-C
Platen dia. (mm) Ø203.2(8'') Ø254(10'') Ø304.8(12'') Ø203.2(8'') Ø250(10'') Ø304.8(12'')
Plate Qty. 1 2
Sample qty./size C33 pc,Ø15~Ø32mm C33 pc,Ø15~Ø32mm
C44 pc,Ø20~Ø40mm C44 pc,Ø20~Ø40mm
Operation method Auto Auto
Noise level
46~51dB 47~53dB 52~57dB 52~57dB 53~58dB 54~61dB
Motor power of platen 275W 395W 275W 395W
speed (rpm)
(Special specification can be ordered)
(Special specification can be ordered)
Head rotational
speed (rpm)
60rpm 60rpm
Cooling system 1 pc 2 pcs
Timer Max. 99 minutes 59 seconds Max.99 minutes 59 seconds
Machine type Table top Table top
Weight (kg) 54Kg 56Kg 76Kg 90Kg 95Kg 135Kg
Machine Size
(W x D x H)
45x65x60cm 50x80x67cm 75x69x66cm 85x75x66cm
Water inlet pipe 10mm pipe(internal diameter- Ø10mm / external diameter- Ø15mm)
Water outlet pipe 26mm pipe
(internal dim.-Ø26mm / external dim.-Ø30mm)
32mm pipe
(internal dim.-Ø32mm/ external dim.-Ø36mm)
Power supply AC110/220V-1Ø AC110/220V-1Ø
Standard Accessories Grinding plate 1pc O ring 1pc Grinding plate 1pc O ring 1pc
Anti-splash cover 1pc SIC paper 8pcs Polishing plate 1pc Anti-splash cover 2pcs
Polishing cloth 2pcs Aluminum oxide powder 100g SIC paper 8pcs Polishing cloth 2pcs
500g Bottle 1pc - Aluminum oxide powder 100g Dispenser 1 pc
Note: Special sample sizesshapes and quantities can be ordered.

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