TOPTECH - PRESIDON ML Series Mounting Press (B & B-E3)
TOPTECH - PRESIDON ML Series Mounting Press (B & B-E3) Metallography Melaka, Malaysia, Ayer Keroh Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Carlssoon Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
TOPTECH - PRESIDON ML Series Mounting Press
Brand: TopTech
Model: B & B-E3

Model No. B B-E3
Sample dia. Ø25mm Ø32mm Ø40mm Ø50mm Ø25mm Ø32mm Ø40mm Ø50mm
Driven method High efficiency motor driven & Hydraulic control
Sample qty. 1pc/per time- Note1 1~3 pc/per time
Temperature 0~250°C (1°C/unit) – Note 2
Noise level
(idle running)
65~71dB 67~73dB 70~77dB 72~78dB
Heating power 1200W 1600W 2400W 3200W
Motor power 1760W 2160W 2960W 3760W
Heating time Max.60 minutes
Cooling time Max.30 minutes
Memory mode 40 sets
(Can set heating temperatureheating time and cooling time)
Pressure adding 60 kg/cm2 ( 852psi ) 60 kg/cm2 ( 852psi )
Machine size
58x57x59cm 58x57x70cm
Weight 80Kg 81Kg 87Kg 90Kg
Water inlet/outlet pipes 10mm pipes (inner dia.Ø10mmOuter dia.Ø15mm)
Cooling System Electronic water valve connect outside cooling recycle system
Power supply AC220V-1 Ø
(Special voltage can be ordered)
Stand accessories Tweezers1pc Funnel1pc Filter1set
Spoon1pc Mounting resin1kg(2.2lb) Copper fitting2pcs
Pipe clip6pcs Screws6pcs Spacer(E3)2pcs
Option Cylinder kit
Note 1: Two molds can be produced at same times if option spacer.
Note 2: Special temperature requirement can be customized.
Note 3: Special shape and size requirements can be customized.  

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