(PT-L01A-DC / PT-L01A-AC / PT-L01A-UV) Portable LED Stroboscope (AC or DC) - Printing Machine
(PT-L01A-DC / PT-L01A-AC / PT-L01A-UV) Portable LED Stroboscope (AC or DC) - Printing Machine Microscope, Magnifier & Visual Inspection Melaka, Malaysia, Ayer Keroh Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Carlssoon Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
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(PT-L01A-DC / PT-L01A-AC / PT-L01A-UV) Portable LED Stroboscope (AC or DC) 
For Printing Machine

Model: PT-L01A-DC

Product Descriptions:

PT-L01A-DC LED Stroboscope is the domestic and foreign advanced technology research and development of a new generation of strobe, adopt efficient energy control chip energy output, makes the energy output is more stable, high-brightness and low calorific value. 
High performance single chip microcomputer processing unit, special display chip drive digital tube display, high frequency accuracy; Adopt the import rotary encoder fast frequency modulation, the built-in high performance lithium battery, the quality is lighter; It does not need AC220V ac power supply, dissolves the trouble caused by the power cord to the operation, can carry on any carry on the observation, use more convenient. A sufficient charge can meet the requirement of single shift production, and the continuous working time is about 4 hours (the specific time is related to the frequency of flash).

Product Features:

  1. Multiple trigger modes: internal trigger and external trigger mode can realize the effect of automatic tracking
  2. The automatic tracking function of the pattern can be realized when the working mode is triggered externally (using the photoelectric signal)
  3. Built-in memory, with flash frequency and internal parameter automatic memory function, to facilitate the next use
  4. Adopt the import encoder, cooperate with the simple operation software, the knob adjustment is more rapid, accurate, practical, easy to use and handy
  5. The software has the function of frequency flashing phase angle adjustment
  6. The frequency unit Hz and f/m can be selected for different use occasion
  7. Adopted imported high-power LED, built-in-high-performance power module to improve the flash brightness and work reliability
  8. Latest products, stable performance, long use time, very few faults
  9. The software has two tracking programs, which can automatically track the printed surface of the unfixed color mark
  10. New power design, lithium battery power supply, more durable
  11. High luminous efficiency and even more uniform lighting

Technical Specifications:

Model PT-L01A-DC / PT-L01A-AC / PT-L01A-UV
Accuracy ±0.01%
Flash Rate 1 - 600 Hz, 50 - 36000 FPM
Lithium Battery DC 12.6V 2900 mAh
Charger AC 100V ~ 240V / DC 12.6V 1A
Net Weight 1.35 kg
Life Time ≤ 30000 hours (3 ~ 5 years)
Battery Life ≤ 15 hours
Lamp 9 pcs
Dimension 220mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 150mm (H)
Shell Material Alluminium Alloy + ABS

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