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Model : 907A/908A

Product description : 

The Model 907 and Model 908 microprocessor controlled Gaussmeters offer sophisticated measuring functions with selectable units in a simple to use, menu driven, hand-held package. The 907 & 908 are designed for factory floor, incoming inspection/quality assurance and laboratory measurement of Magnetic Flux Density and Magnetic Field Strength in SI or CGS units.

Spesification : 

Measurements can be made in Tesla, Gauss, Amps/m or Oersted. (1mT = 10 Gauss = 0.796 kA/m)
Accuracy (at 20º C) ± 1% Reproducibility ± 0.5%
Temperature Coefficient Better than ± 0.1% of reading / ºC including probe.
Frequency Range DC and 15Hz to 10 kHz.
Averaging Time Constant 100 milliseconds.
Functions DC, DC Peak, AC RMS, AC RMS MAX, AC PEAK
Display 2line, 16-character dot matrix LCD
Display Sampling Rate 3/sec (approx.)
Operating Temp. Range 0ºC to +50ºC
Storage Temp. Range -20ºC to +70ºC
Range 1 0 - to more than 30,000 Gauss — Resolution 10 Gauss
  0 - to more than 3 Tesla — Resolution 1 milli Tesla.
Range 2 0 – 3,000 Gauss — Resolution 1 Gauss
  0 - 299.9 milli Tesla — Resolution 100 micro Tesla.
Range 3 0 - 300 Gauss — Resolution .1 Gauss
  0 - 29.99 milli Tesla — Resolution 10 micro Tesla.
Range 4 0 - 30 Gauss — Resolution .02 Gauss
  0 - 2.999 milli Tesla — Resolution 2 micro Tesla.
Battery Type and Life 9V Long life Alkaline (Duracell MN1604) or similar (not supplied). Battery Life Approximately 15 Hours continuous operation. Auto Power-down after 1, 4 or 10 minutes or can be disabled, all under menu control.
Facilities Store and Recall on 0 - 99 samples. Hold facility. Analog Peak with digital storage. Auto and manual ranges. Automatic reading conversion between different units. Operating set up at time of power-down is stored and recalled automatically at power-on. Utilities etc. Functions are selected with an easy to use menu.
Dimensions Length 7.72 in (196 mm)
  Width 3.94 in (100 mm)
  Height 1.57 in (40 mm)
Weight (inc. battery) 14 Ounces (400g not including probe)
Standard Accessories Transverse Hall Probe, Zero Flux Chamber and Carrying Case
Optional Accessories Axial Probe Ref AP002. Replacement Transverse Probe Ref TP002. Reference Magnets Axial and Transverse - contact factory for details.


RS232 Used for data transfer and remote control. BAUD rate 300 to 4,800. Software Handshaking.
Non Volatile Memory The Model 908 will, retain stored measurements for up to 2 months after the Model 908 is switched off.
External PSU Socket The External PSU (not supplied) may be used to power the Model 908 when used in bench top application

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