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Brand: Kyoritsu Rikagaku
Model: WAK-COD(H)-2

Product Descriptions:

This product allows to measure COD concentration in different types of sample including river water and industrial wastewater. However, it hardly reacts to oil or solid form, so please be aware when measuring the sample like industrial wastewater that may contain them.

Product Cautions:
  1. Unclean container used to collect sample or stains on hands may affect the result. Please use clean container and wash hands thoroughly prior to measure. 
  2. Keep the sample temperature at 20°C. If the sample temperature is different, determine the reaction time from the graph on the right. After the specified time passes, the value will be higher.
  3. Using 1.000 mg/L Glucose standard solution, it develops color the same as “≥250mg/L”, but when the value exceeds, it may become colorless. When the result is expected to exceed 250 mg/L, please dilute the sample prior to use.
  4. The optimum pH upon reaction will be around 13. If the pH of the sample will be less than 5, please adjust pH 7 or higher with diluted sodium hydroxide solution prior to measurement.
  5. Ensure that the PACKTEST tube is filled up to half. Larger or smaller sample volume will imply higher or lower value, respectively.
  6. PACKTEST Square Cup (Model: WAK-CC10) is sold separately. It will help getting sample at 1.5 mL constantly, also help drawing the sample into tube easily.
  7. When comparing to the Standard Color, please be sure to read under the daylight. It may be difficult to determine the color under the direct sunlight, certain fluorescent lights, mercury lamp or LED.
  8. You can put the line back into the aperture to seal. This will avoid possibility of spilling the content of the tube.


Measuring Method:
Oxidation with Potassium Permanganate in Alkalinity and Visual Colorimetric Method

0, 30, 60, 120, 200, ≥250 mg/L
Measuring Time:
Sample Temp. 10íŠ : 6 min
Sample Temp. 20íŠ : 5 min
Sample Temp. 30íŠ : 4 min
Use for Seawater:
Reaction progresses fast and tends to cause positive false reading. Please read half or one indicator lower than actual color development.
Package Size:
165L x 110W x 65H mm
Package Weight:
approx. 14 g

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